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I'm Luke, an Artist and Designer based in the UK.


Born in England, my love for Art blossomed upon moving to Belgium at a young age where I was strongly encouraged by my parents who are both teachers of Design and Technology.

After studying, I trained as a sign-maker and graphic designer, for several years before venturing into the unknown to become a self employed artist... Each day is different - I love it!
I now work in my make-shift studio alongside my adopted cat and many out-of-control plants and cacti. 🌵

I can often be found out and about, providing fun-filled workshops, creating live art at festivals and getting up to all-sorts of creative mischief 🐒

"Populated by weird and wonderful characters, Luke's work is fun, mischievous and uniquely hypnotising. His recognisable contemporary 'doodle' style can be seen in many forms, including; canvas, murals, apparel, print and objects including shoes and guitars! He uses a wide variety of mediums from ink and acrylic paint, to wood burning and digital illustration..."

Alongside my work, I am an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover. I enjoy gardening, exploring the outdoors and running. OCD is a daily foe which I have learnt to live with. It now greatly inspires my practise, methods of working and messages of my work. My dream to express myself through my work whilst bringing joy to others and exploring the world! 


F U N   F A C T S !  👀

  • I also dabble in music and I am a keen guitarist, ukulele player and banjo enthusiast - although some practice is needed... 🪕
  • Bearded dragons, stick insects, geckos, giant snails, frogs, chickens, and butterflies are just some of the weird and wonderful animals I have been lucky enough to keep 🦋
  • With sales all over the world, I am very proud to have work displayed in over 15 countries (and counting!) 🌎



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My Shrewsbury Magazine Article - Mar. 2020


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